Blood Heron
(Sunny Lane)

Spun: Priya Thomas

Blood Heron

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There are a lot of types of people who would not like Blood Heron, the latest record from Ontario-born Priya Thomas. These people may include those who like generic, overplayed insanity-inducing pop music, those who are boring and those who do not like change, because in Heron, Thomas has spun a delightfully different image resulting in a new indie-style record that is impossible to compare or forget and is anything but boring.

The effort is very much a new direction for Thomas, whose past records have been filled with loud adrenaline-inducing beats, and while there are throwbacks to her louder past sounds, the album is infused with acoustics, piano, lighter drum beats and more heart-wrenching lyrics. From the first track, Thomas' music captivates with a foot-tapping acoustic beat with stories conveyed through her scratchy voice-- similar to Courtney Love's during her Hole days.

Thomas shifts her songs from one sound to the other on Heron, highlighted in some of the best parts of the album. During the song, "Wine, Moonshine, Sugar Beams," Thomas makes transitions from louder sounds with drums, the organ and guitar, to a softer sound with only a piano accompanying her voice.

Regardless of if you are a fan of her past records, or if you have never heard of her before, Thomas' Blood Heron is a perfect addition to the indie alternative-country genre.

Correction: In the original version of this story the artist's first name was mis-spelt Pryia rather than the correct Priya. The Gauntlet apologizes for any confusion.