Spun: Russian Futurists

The Weight's on the Wheels

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The name is deceiving -- out of the solid Toronto scene rise the Russian Futurists. The Weight's on the Wheels is their first full album since 2005, but picks up exactly where they left off with their trademark synth-driven, indie-pop sound.

The album starts with a blast in "Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds," setting a pace for the rest of the album that rarely slows down. It's the perfect anthem for that just-finished-lectures-on-a-Friday-afternoon moment. The rest of the album continues this feeling, and though it can get monotonous, the driving beat is enough to keep you engaged. Lyrics usually centre on some romantic theme like "One Night, One Kiss" -- a provocative duet with Ruth Minnikin of the Heavy Blinkers, dialogue detailing the run-up to a one night stand. "100 Shopping Days 'til Christmas" is a slight change of pace with a little R&B added to the mix. Though it may look political, "Register my firearms? No Way!" is a deceiving title and ends up being about yet another romantic struggle.

Overall the album is fun, but lacks lyrical depth. It's fairly short, so by the time it might get too repetitive it's over. For established fans, this album won't disappoint, but for new listeners it might be better to back up and get to know some earlier works.