Black Magic
(Battle Axe)

Spun: Swollen Members

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Following the high acclaim of their sophomore effort Bad Dreams, Juno winners Swollen Members are back mixing interesting samples with some decent rhymes on their latest album Black Magic, once again on frontman Mad Child's own Battle Axe Records.

The melodic back and forth play between Prevail's rhythmic lyrics and Mad Child's higher pitched cadences--also found on his self-titled solo album--makes for an easily enjoyable ensemble of tracks. In addition, the included intermissions "Intro," "Press Fwd Interlude" and "Ritual" add a refreshing stylistic contrast when enjoying the album in its entirety. Drawing from various influences including funk and classical, and adding to the signature Swollen Members gusto, the songs all differ enough from one another to keep the listener tapping her toes, grooving, and rocking out. Instalments like "Put Me On" set the stage for a cool ambiance of groove, while the title track "Black Magic" is a bass and drum driven feature of the Members' lyrical skills.

Following Swollen Members' past success, Black Magic is no disappointment for rap fans.