About A Girl
(Paper Bag Records)

Spun: Winter Gloves

About A Girl

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Apparently, not using bass is the new mini piano of the music world. Winter Gloves, the latest act out of Montreal, has utilized this new sound with ease, producing a fresh yet poppy effort with About A Girl. Taking some of the remaining lo-fi grittiness from founder Charles F.'s self-produced EP, the full-length works well by replacing all the bass parts with an understated Wulitzer.

"Let Me Drive" has an indie church tinge, taking the organy octaves as its base, building with a high energy, hi-hat driven drum groove. Charles' vocals manage to walk the line between lamenting and grating. Winter Gloves also does well with subdued tracks, as Charles and the boys channel some slight Spoon vibes at the beginning of "Glass Paperweight" with understated strumming that slowly morphs into distorted chords and melancholy keyboard. Harmonized vocals add to the heartstring pulling.

With touching lyrical stylings and innovative instrumentation, Winter Gloves achieves a variable sound that manages to work cohesively and portray the band members' various musical talents, as well as set themselves apart in the competitive Montreal music scene.