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The Stampede strips down

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Ah, the Stampede. For many, it's a cultural tradition of cowboys and bucking broncos; for others, it's a time-honoured ritual of Budweiser Beer Gardens and Nashville North. And for some, it's the greatest chance of the year to show off some serious T & A. However, while the Stampede may seem like the most obvious place (other than Cowboys) to put the goods on display, those who have the goods are not the ones flaunting them.

If you happened to note the abundance of half-naked thirteen-year-olds at this year's Stampede, you're not alone. With the growing abundance of stores like Le Chateau Jr Girl and La Senza Girl to provide the means, it's no surprise kids are dressing up like Britney and showing off their booties, or lack thereof, J Lo style. From tasteful halters to scandalous tube tops, most of the youngsters at the Stampede were dressed to impress. However, the impression they made may not be the one they hoped for.

Of all the good-looking chicas there, none actually looked good. Plenty of them were pretty young ladies with cute faces and decent fashion sense, but their stick-thin figures and scant outfits were more disturbing than admirable. In fact, there were fewer adult women dressed to kill than adolescents.

To be fair, these young women aren't totally at fault. Partial fault falls to the media, setting standards for what looks good--thin, trendy. Partial fault goes to stores like La Senza Girl and those who sell thongs to ten-year-olds. Partial responsibility goes to parents. And the rest? Perhaps it actually is their fault. After all, shouldn't they take some responsibility for themselves?

Let's just hope that this is one trend that will go out of style fast.