Staying abreast of sexual awareness

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Performers for the Sexual Health Awareness Show discovered assless chaps are, in fact, not allowed in MacEwan Student Centre after several complaints were made to Campus Security.

Students' Union Events Commissioner Al Stanford, who organized the event, is still happy with the outcome, complaints and all.

"This has exceeded expectations, we figure almost 2,000 people have passed through the doors," said Stanford. "I've had both positive and negative responses, but most people leave with a curious gay smile."

The performers, who are members of the Nasty Girls entertainment group, attracted attention from students as they strolled through the MSC food court to promote the show, dressed only in revealing chain mail bikinis.

According to Stanford, after Campus Security expressed concerns over the lack of fabric in the costumes, the performers were cooperative in covering up.

Nasty Girl Honey Houston has an interesting perspective when it comes to the sexual acceptance of students at the U of C, being both an exotic dancer and full time philosophy student. She hopes that the week will help U of C students loosen up when it comes to sex.

"Being a student and an exotic dancer are in two opposite worlds--doing homework in a strip bar can be interesting," said Houston. "I hope students at the U of C will get the confidence to try new things. This is the place to expand your mind in different ways."




This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!1!

The female body is not natural. It should be covered with clothing and scorn.

i am one of the girls that was in the show during sexual awarness week.the fact that you published that picture is an outrage. did you have her permission to publish that?i doubt it. She is a student in that school how could you embarress her in that way. the fact that she is an exotic dancer gives you no right to exploit her in that way. If i discover any picture of myself in your paper without written permission you will have a law suit on your hands. everyone in this industry uses an alias even supermodels do not use their real names. so therefore exploiting us because you may or may not agree with it gives you no right and i hope she sues your pants off.

Whoa there Gloria Steinem...your sense of moral outrage is misplaced! Her name is not used (unless it's actually Honey Houston) and her face is in no way visible. I find it hilarious that you, as a fellow stripper, er, electrician, would be so prudish as to object to the publication of this photo. It's obvious from your spelling and grammar that you're not a law student, or you'd know that in Alberta, you don't need permission to publish a person's photo. That said, from your CV, it doesn't look like you need a law degree to sue anyone's pants off...;)

A woman's body is not titilating. It is not a sex object or something beautiful to be protected from corruption. It is only a body. Period. Sex is not an activity only for the young and beautiful. I sadly fail to see how young, beautiful women's bodies paraded around as sex objects helps to provide any perspectives that differ from what one could find on Muchmusic or in Playboy. It would be good if we could get past the prudes/"sexually liberated" women bind. Now that would really be a "different way" to "expand you mind", don't you think, Ms. Houston?

I agree, sex is clearly only for the most deranged of perverts. If I have to look at my filthy body one more time I think I will have to burn it. Filthy, filthy, filthy. Even rats have sex, the most base of the rodent clan. I am perturbed that such amoral activity occurs in a city so flocked with members of various religious cults.
Where is all the shame?
I am also appalled that people like me have nothing better to do than comment on lame stories, that do not contribute any quality form of journalism. Clearly this story was written purely for shock value, to cater to the most mediocre of individuals.
More importantly more articles should be written about menstruation.
Menstruation and copious amounts of hair is clearly very hot.
The end

I didnít see the show, the only information I have about it is the article in the Gauntlet. Am I missing something? How is having a stripper (exotic dancer, whichever you prefer) do a show in Mac hall promoting sexual awareness? Donít get me wrong Iím all about having student strippers at school but doesnít this detract from what ever message you are trying to convey?


It's obvious that the writer of this article is a man. Where is the naked male strippers? I see them in the background, but no penises? Boobs are seen everywhere now-a-days. Mr. Miller, if you really wanted shock value (which you obviously did), seeing a penis in the school paper would have done you much better.

Where is the naked male strippers? I see them in the background, but no penises? Boobs are seen everywhere now-a-days. Mr. Miller, if you really wanted shock value (which you obviously did),

If you claim to know so much about Mr. Miller, why do you need to ask him questions? Or are you just simply assuming things without basis?

Unfortunately, the male performers kept their pants on.
The issue here is with the SU allowing unlicenced adult entertainment in the form of nude females in Mac Hall. If you have a problem, bring it up with them.

I'd like to be totally clear and say the "Nat" above is not me, Natalie Sit. I just want to clarify as most people call me Nat.

Besides, that "Nat" clearly has a short memory. Dicks: already been in this paper. I'm surprised it's taken the female counterparts this long to show up.

There have been dicks in the Gauntlet. Remember the uproar caused by the penis on the front cover, for the Puppetry of the Penis story? Short memory, Nat, (not Sit) when it suits you?

C'mon Dale, the purpose of this story wasn't to expose the rampant moral corruption of the SU, but so that you could write about and interview a stripper and put her boobies in print. You can't fool us ;). As to the guy who asked how this furthers Sex Awareness, judging from some of the posts, it has become clear that many people have never seen a female naked. The SU must begin somewhere...

First of all who seen the comment from the Wiebe girl who is embarassed to be a U of C student. WoW talk about a drama queen. Lets be serious, its a naked girl. Unless you plan a life of celibacy (which is not a problem), your gonna have to see this one way or another. For all those so traumatized by this, heres the first step to recovery, take your head out of your ass. Lets be real, theres worse things taking place at this university than a naked chick in the paper (Which the SU who put this on,and if need be should be blamed, not the gauntlet. They filmed an SU UofC organized event.) We squable over crap like this and continue to pay more for tution, poor education and only add to a growing bad reputation among Canadian Universites. Think about this and then rationalize how "evil" this story and picture is. PS. Dale wrote a story that not only pretained to the event, but was worded quite nicely as well. Peace

Hold on a second, why are we criticizing a liberal paper for being liberal. I don't complain when I see a boring story about dino's athletics. It doesn't bother me when they have job fairs at school(which usually suck ass). The gauntlet shouldn't apologize to anyone for printing pictures of an SU event, no matter how rediculous I or anyone else thinks it is. The girl opened herself up to this when she stripped in front of her fellow peers. I do feel sorry for her in a way, but at the same time she made the choice to strip in front of anyone who came to the show, the gauntlet just slighty increased the viewing audience.
The purpose of having the girls stripping there was to increase people's awareness about different aspects of sexuality, kudos to the SU for having an event that actually would attract people's interest.

Oh by the way I miseed the show, but man that girl is really pretty.

I think what everyone is missing here is the fact that a young women has been taken advantage of in order to raise the profile of a magazine that 90% of students do not read beyond the TLF's. What right does the gauntlet have to display a student at our university completely nude without her consent? This is what really disturbs me.

Is this Honey Houston girl the same person whose nude photo stickers have been on some mechanic toolboxes at my workplace, for the past 12 or so months?
Did Gauntlet really infringe on someone's rights or did they simply cover a public event? Would a true responsible stripper take off her clothes at or in an unlicensed public place?

being on a bus at the university where your student paper (ad sic) is freely available and watching grade 7-9 students looking at your paper,I
guess it really proved you the point that you wanted to make. I hope the circulation does not go to the elementary schools, though this may be your intended audience. You have now usurped the Sun as the worst rag in Calgary. Perhaps, we need supervision of students trying to run a responsible paper. You disgust me.

Honey, Honey, Honey! Thats the hottest chick i've seen this term! I love Honey Huston!!! The more skin the better.

That's bullshit about a lawsuit. She was in a public place. If they went and snapped picture in her house, that's certainly different. Absolutely tasteless to run the photo, though, shame on the Gauntlet and lack of journalistic sensibilities.

To eds: I would rather have my tax and tuition be used to block this kind of offensive bs than be used to print it.
Where can I get a refund??
I for one do not need to see porn in a school newspaper however liberal it maybe.

Kinda makes last year's whining about the mural in the Mac Hall/Science B link seem ridiculous, which it was.

If she didn't want to be seen naked by her peers she shouldn't have been naked in Mac Hall...I mean, the photo probably shouldn't have been published, but to sue over it is asinine. She even comments in the article!

I have to say, I am shocked that so many people are outraged by this picture. This girl voluntarily put herself out on display in a very public place. Why she would be surprised that her picture was taken, especially by the campus newspaper, is beyond me. That is what the paper is supposed to do, report campus news, and that was definitely news worthy. Also, I have heard it stated that perhaps the Gauntlet should have only published a picture of her breasts rather her full body. Really? Would that not classify as censorship? And if the Gauntlet gave into this demand, where would the censorship end?

I think the bottom line here is if you don't want your naked body published in the school newspaper, don't run around naked!

good luck suing, you'll never win. so, honey walks around campus naked and she's fine. she's in an article and her life is ruined? please. I say, as long as broads like that are walking around naked, then the paper has the obligation to report and show whats going on around campus.

Ladies & Gents, you've been Farked:

Man, the only person to run around naked when I was in University was Gavin Preston.

The chick stripped in public and now she's all upset that her pic was taken? That's the dumbest thing I have heard all day.

I have to say that after reading all of the comments here and listening carefully to both sides of this argument from U of C students, I must say that it doesn't seem like this is much of an issue. The "show" took place in the Student Center. Technically, the performers were not nude and obviously did not violate school policy or the event would not have been allowed to take place. The performers were there voluntarily. Pretty cut and dry. The paper took a photo at a public and "newsworthy" event and published it. Sounds a lot like journalism. If they can't print a photo from a news event, what else can't they print? Where do you draw the line? If people are that upset, why not change school policy regarding this type of event? Otherwise when a real news story comes along that, for one reason or another, someone at the school doesn't want you to know about, (sexual misconduct by an administrator or professor for example) the paper can be censored and what's the point of having a news outlet that only tells you the news it is "allowed" to tell. Freedom of speech is not a toy that can be taken away when you don't use it correctly. Sometimes it's good and other times it might not seem to be. Take the good with bad. If the paper has offended you so much, don't read it anymore. Thank you.

Norm Peterson
Livonia, Michigan, USA

Since I'm off campus right now, I only learned about the article through the 'mainstream' Calgary press. The real problem is that the Gauntlet, and by extension U of C students come across as frivolous. As for the student's lawsuit: she was willingly naked in a public place in front of her peers. Did she really think no one was going to recognize her? I would say that agreeing to perform nude at the university would imply consent to be seen by the university community. And if she really believes that stripping is mind-expanding and is something she is proud of doing, why all the fuss?

Yes it is true you don't have a first amendment but you do have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the Canadian Bill of Rights. Many of the ideas and the cases that shaped these documents as they relate to freedom of speech, expression and press came from the American Constitution and the First Amendment to the American Constitution. I know we are talking about Canada and I know I am from the U.S. but does that have anything to do with the issue at hand? Do you know what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is about? It's about freedom and it's about the government not having the right to tell us what we can and cannot say. That's the point I was trying to make. Thank you for the Canadian civics lesson. I had to do a little research on this one. Now focus on the issue. I enjoy having these discussions.

Hey, wtf guys? Put her pic back up, I didn't get to see it, UofM newspaper isn't brave enough for nudity.

From the Herald article:

All patrons to the event had to be over the age of 18 and pass through security

So then it wasn't a public event.


She was walking around in Mac hall, buying a taco, dressed in her chainmail. That's pretty public.

Awesome! If it wasn't for younger people, the world would be a sterile sucking mess in two generations.


FYI: All the traffic has nothing to do with a Denail of Service. You've been Farked.

Also, sad that people get upset about naked bodies.

Man, I wish we had nekkid girls that walked around on campus at UofM. I'm confused though, how the fuck was she able to get away with walking around naked??? Seriously though, that rocks, and put the fucking pic back up.

Note, I was the anonymouse coward that mentioned UofM before, just wanted to let the idiot(s) admin(s) that the guy saying it wasn't a DoS was right, you've been farked morons. Now put the fucking pic back up.

One more thing, a comment on the controversy.
Understandable that she didn't want to be photographed, but what's with the idiocy? When you purposefully bare yourself in front of others, THAT IS THE CHANCE YOU TAKE YOU FUCING MORONS. The decision to do in front of somebody you trust or in front of a crowd lies with "honey houston", she made a decision that she regrets, but it was her stupid decision to make. How dare she get angry a photo was snapped? She got naked on campus anyways, only diff is now she got slightly more exposure, I'd say this immature moron needs this lesson so that she learns not to do stupid things and hope lawyers can sort it out afterwards.
So....ELO rocks, later.

Oh, and before anybody points it out, I obviously meant fucking, not fucing.
Oh, and show the fucking pic you farking twits.

The National Enquirer covers up its exotic dancer stories. Club Confidential gets model releases first. Nude photos in the workplace are sexual harassment. What part of unethical do you fail to understand?

And what part of taking responsability for your own decisions don't you understand? It's understandably upsetting if somebody had seen their naked body in a newspaper, but how can somebody that walked around naked on campus and decided to take her clothes off in a public show be surprised and refuse to accept the blame? It's ridiculous, kind of like in the US where people file frivolous lawsuits when they commit some stupid error of judgement, then again, as it has been said before and shall be said again, alberta is canada's hick-state.

While I'm not pleased with this whole deal, the thing that is bothering me most is the increadibly negative comments coming out of some of the boys (and I mean 'boys', you're not worthy of the term 'men', it implies maturity you obviously lack), about Honey Houston's being a stripper justifying her photograph, that if she is an exotic dancer she should be used to having her body displayed. This is similar to the old 'she wore revealing clothes so she asked to be raped' defense (although obviously not as extreme in situation or degree of stupidity or as frightening)- that the woman is always responsible if she doesn't cover her body & conform. Just because she is a stripper doesn't mean that she does not have the right to control her own image, protect her privacy, and feel violated. It is HER body, and it is her choice what she does with it, no one else's. Your argument that 'she asked for it because she stripped' and that she and her fellow strippers are somehow below other people / not as intelligent or worthy of concern is sickening. ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL, and ALL PEOPLE deserve RESPECT, although you've certainly lost any I could ever have for you.
btw, 'monica', if you are reading this, and you seriously meant what you said in your posts, you need counciling- the female body is NOT dirty, it is natural and beautiful, and you need to learn to love your own body (and sex, with the right partner that you love, is pretty amazing too).

It seems the Gauntlet succeeded. As to the student 'Honey Houston', this may be a good time to apply what she may have learned in philosophy and apply it to the situation. Every action has a consequence. Live and learn.

JoF, you seem to very misinformed, nobody said she asked for it because she was a stripper, she asked for it BECAUSE SHE STRIPPED IN PUBLIC AND WALKED AROUND NAKED ON A PUBLIC CAMPUS! Dumbass.
Besides, rape and photographing a naked person are two completely different things, one involves assault, one involves supposed privacy invasion, but how is this an invasion or privacy when she had no right to expect any on the campus? I don't think she's got much of a case, unless the judge's a twit, as she should only be able to get the pics removed if she had a reasonable expectation to privacy, and stripping in front of a crowd is very public.
The problem is that she made a stupid decision, and now regrets it, and that's her problem, shit happens.
Of course all people deserve respect, and nobody's disrespecting her just because she's in the photo, maybe now because she's decided she wants to file a frivolous lawsuit or something to get the pics taken away, note though, that even if some people don't respect her, it doesn't mean anything, respect is earned not given, and she hasn't done anything but prove she's a foolish kid, many of us are, but "honey houston" perhaps more so than most.
Having seen the pics, and having heard that she walked around in that outfit, I'm amazed that you really think that she deserved privacy. Care to explain?
You made some grandiose remarks about respect and blah blah, but never backed any of it up.

what would mr miller say if someone took a picture of his girlfriends snatch and stuck in on a handout then threw it all over campus. I think he would be pretty pissed.

There's the difference between normal people and idiots. If his girlfriend decided to get naked on campus in front of a crowd and let them all see her completely naked, who should he be mad at? Everybody in the crowd or his stupid girlfriend? Anybody with half a brain would say the latter, anybody who's american or a hick or in this case, albertan would pick the former. Apparently, you would rather get mad at people whose fault it is not, rather than get mad at the idiot who made the bad decision to strip naked and is ultimately responsible.

Academic Hypocrites

As someone over 50 years of age and not connected at all to the University, I donít understand why everyone is ñ once again ñ shooting the messenger. In the original Herald story, U of C's Rebecca Sullivan, in the faculty of communication and culture, was quoted as saying the Gauntlet had a responsibility to the community. ìThey (the Gauntlet) are refusing to take a responsible, mature position on these issues." "It is gratuitous, graphic and entirely unacceptable," said Roman Cooney, vice-president external relations. "They have offended many people on campus."

Wait a moment. Why the double standards? Why do they expect the Gauntlet writers to be more mature and responsible than anyone else in the case at hand? Wasnít it the Studentís Union who felt it was responsible and mature to recruit exotic dancers to promote ìSexual Awareness Weekî. Where is the public outcry about such a juvenile decision, spending studentís union fees and possibly taxpayerís money on strippers? What are University of Calgary administrators doing about that?

And the poor student/stripper, who feels so marginalized and humiliated, that she can't even face campus anymore. Why did she not think about the consequences when she accepted to work in the nude on her own Universityís campus. Can anyone after last yearís events on the ìRed Mileî reasonably expect not to be photographed (after all camera phones are everywhere). And now, after most of the Gauntletís 15,000 copies containing ìthe pictureî had been stolen or censored thus not allowing her picture to be seen by too many people, she is posing freely for the Herald, thereby distributing her picture all over town. Now that smells fishy. I hope she will not earn her degree since she clearly demonstrated not to be mature enough, even at age 28.