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Summer Campus Security report

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With most students gone for the summer, one might think the U of C would be nice and quiet but this wasn't the case. The summer had its share of happenings ranging from fire alarms and break ins, to summer Den drama.

"The campus is a little different. We don't have our regular student population but of course we have people here attending conferences and we have 9,000 children attending day camps," said Campus Security director Lanny Fritz.

In May, a U of C student was reported to have stolen items from the lab he was working at and then put them up for sale on eBay. Stolen property worth $100,000 was found in the student's residence. The incident is being dealt with as a case of non-academic misconduct.

The Calgary Fire Department responded to a fire alarm in Science A after a small explosion from a science experiment gone wrong. The building was evacuated for one hour while the room was ventilated, according to the June security report.

Later in June, Kinesiology A had a power outage as a result of excavation that damaged the main power line. The power was out for about 28 hours and an international swimming competition was disrupted.

Campus Security responded to a fire alarm in the Education block in June. The Calgary Fire Department found that a ventilation fan in the basement had overheated because of a bearing failure. The building was cleared of smoke and people were able to re-enter.

In July, contractors on the Phase Six residence construction site reported that unknown suspects stole several pieces of equipment. The Engineering Students' Association was broken into and an envelope containing between $2,000 and $4,000 dollars in cash was stolen.

During the July 23 Summer Den a male was found urinating in the lost and found box in the MacEwan Student Centre. When Campus Security came to investigate, he ran and then tried to assault Campus Security staff. He was found to be a non-student and issued a trespass ban. On the same night two males were seen on CCTV damaging signs and the mailbox at the pedestrian crossing near the LRT station. Both males were found. One admitted to the mischief and said he would pay for the damage. Also, a fire alarm resulted in the evacuation of all occupants of MacEwan Student Centre including the Den. Afterwards Den management decided to shut down the bar for the rest of the night.

Unknown suspects tried to steal a ceiling mounted projector in Scurfield Hall setting off a built in anti-theft alarm. Campus Security found damaged ceiling tiles, unplugged wires and a scratched security device. The suspects were not located according to the July security report.