James Stevenson/the Gauntlet

They're breakdance fighting

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You know those breakdancers in MacHall? They are being screwed and they need your help.

Last month, Campus Security approached the Students’ Union about the breakdancers in MacHall. They said they are not covered by the SU’s general liability policy. If one of the dancers hurt themselves, the SU is not obligated to cover the medical costs. And if the dancers damage the stage, the SU is not insured. Campus Security argued for the dancers to go.

To be covered, a club on campus would have to book the stage before anyone could dance. Some of the dancers are members of the Hip Hop Funk Styles club, so this would be a natural fit. But clubs can only book the stage for a few days every year. The dancers were typically present every week.

The SU says their hands are tied on the ban. Staff thinks Campus Security is right about the dancers not being insured, and they’re not willing to break their own rules. Take this as a sign that the SU will not reverse the decision.

No one in the SU thinks the break-dancers are a real problem. When SU vice-president student life Ben Cannon mentioned Campus Security’s complaints at Student Legislative Council, half the room rolled their eyes. SU president Raphael Jacob just lowered and shook his head.

I would repeat the comments that didn’t make the minutes, but that would be speculating on whether Campus Security’s musical tastes had something to do with the ban.

Anyone with a grain of sense can see how ridiculous all this is. When someone else books the stage, the dancers move without a fuss. If you ask them to turn down their music, they’re cool about it. And since when is dancing in MacHall against the rules? I bet I could do the stanky legg dance in the food court without so much as a warning.

Campus Security is overstepping their bounds, so let’s call their bluff. Not only should the breakdancers continue using the stage without booking it, so should anyone else who wants to put it to good use.
If you love to dance, bring some of your friends there and have yourself a dance party. If you’re a comedian, go practice your routine. If you’re in a band, go there and play. Just go out and do it. Don’t ask for anyone’s permission.

The breakdancers were some of the only people making use of that stage. Most days, it sits empty. Public space is there for our use. Students should not be kept away from it because of trumped up complaints.
Before you say this is entitled, stand in the South Courtyard and look up. What is it that you see? It’s a giant banner saying MacHall belongs to students. It even reminds you of all the money students have spent over the years. If the building belongs to students, they shouldn’t need permission to dance in it. We don’t live in the fucking town from Footloose.

Don’t worry about our elected leaders enforcing the ban. None of them want to deal with it. If the dancers, or any other group, continue using the stage, no one at SLC will bat an eye.

It’s possible that Campus Security would start punishing people. If this happens, we should protest. Not the kind of protest where there’s a placard with Hitler-Obama and some dork wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. We could host a dance party in the courtyards. Just find some way to fill it up. If we make a big enough scene, Campus Security will back down, if only for public relations reasons.

Elections are a small part of politics. We should stick up for our fellow students when they’re hassled. So forget what Campus Security thinks. Use public space and support the dancers.