Raymond Ang/the Gauntlet

Three's the charm

But don't offend her or you're screwed

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There once was a party of three

Who fondled each other with glee

They kissed and they licked

Four breasts and one dick

A sexual buffet so free

For all the men out there who have threesomes on the mind, this article is for you. The majority of North American men fantasize or have fantasized about adding a third party into their sexual encounters. Men are programmed to spread their seed as far as they can, giving them a better chance to conceive their legacy. However, if you were to ask a male today, there is a whole new category of reasons why threesomes or group sex may appeal to them.

For length's sake, we will talk about threesomes where the man is in a relationship with a woman-- threesome variations, orgies and swinging will have to wait for another day. The couple should establish the rules before either invites another individual to participate. Know where you and your partner stand on performing oral, penetration and anal with the invited participant. One of you (depending on the gender of the third party) may only be comfortable with kissing and touching, but there is no getting around it, someone is going to have the same gender close and you need to be prepared for the accompanying body parts and fluids.

Be protected and never share anything with the additional person. We are a green friendly society, but condoms should never be shared. It is worth the effort and money to change up each time-- this also applies to hands and mouths. If you are with two girls, please do not use the same hand for your selection of vaginas, make it special and give each girl her own hand.

People are programmed to pair up and it even happens in threesomes. Someone may get neglected so you must remember to rotate and show equal attention to both parties. Keep in mind, good threesome etiquette with two girls is to start the fun with your female partner and then introduce the participant.

Guide the women through the beginning stages, tell them how they can please you or ask them to please each other. With a little soft suggestion and fondling, things will get rolling and then you can just hop on and enjoy the ride (no pun intended).

Never force anything on either person. If you push too soon and make the experience awkward or pressured, you may push any opportunity of having another threesome out the door. Speaking of doors, it is recommended by a number of avid threesome players that if you are in a relationship, no matter how comfortable the three of you become, respect what you have with your partner and do not invite the participant to sleep over. It may seem awesome to wake up with two women, but this leads to disaster down the road. Reassure your partner this was a fun experiment that you may or may not want to try again, but regardless, she is the woman you love and your primary concern.

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