Prime Box Office has taken over for Ticketmaster on campus.
John McDonald/the Gauntlet

Ticketmaster replaced by Prime Box Office

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Current University of Calgary event retailer Ticketmaster has been hedged out by newcomer Prime Box Office, begun by former Students' Union employee Greg Stevenson.

The decision was made in early December by the Students' Union Executive Council and Prime Box Office has already begun selling tickets.

Within about two months time all Ticketmaster contracts will have expired for events in MacEwan Hall.

"Renegotiations with Ticketmaster weren't going in a way that we saw favourable from a financial perspective," said Joey Brocke, vice-president of operations and finance.

Brocke was surprised Ticketmaster didn't start showing interest when discussions about switching began.

"The second we [gave] them the actual notice we're not going to be returning to them suddenly everyone is calling us."

Prime Box Office has agreed to a new contract with the university that will pay $50,000 a year for exclusive ticket selling rights for events in Mac Hall.

Along with rights for on-campus events, Prime Box Office will also sell cabaret tickets for Den events for no extra charge.

Brocke said MacEwan Hall concerts and events will still carry service charges from Prime Box Office but will be "a bit lower."

Ticketmaster will continue to rent a space from the university and sell tickets for shows at other venues.

Both Greg Stevenson and Ticketmaster declined to comment on the decision.