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TUCFA doles out awards

Dr. Este and Fischer are recognized for contribution

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The University of Calgary Fac- ulty Association celebrated the university's role in the community Tue., Dec. 2 by presenting its annual awards.

TUCFA gives out two awards each year to recognize the relationship between the community and the university. The Recognition Award recognizes a community member, while the Community Service Award is awarded to a faculty member.

The first award was presented to Charlie Fischer by TUCFA President Dr. Anton Colijn on behalf of TUCFA.

Dr. Colijn noted Fischer has performed many services for the uni- versity, including assisting with funding for the new children's hospital, helping create the Chair of Business Ethics and maintaining a $3,000 a year scholarship.

In addition, Fischer has held many important positions at the university, including a position on the Board of Governors.

Fischer, who attended with family members, said his reason for assisting the university was a love of education.

"Education is something I hold very special," Fischer said. "We [Fischer's family] think the university performs a great service to the city."

The second award was presented to Faculty of Social Work Associate Dean Dr. David Este.

"Dr. Este's work directly benefits people in Calgary," said Dr. Colijn, specifically noting Dr. Este's work on immigrant aid and multiculturalism in the city.

"When I went into social work, I made a commitment that no matter what form of work I was in I would give something back to the community above and beyond my every day work," Dr. Este said, adding his commitment was passed down from his family.

Dr. Este also wanted to give credit to the people working with him in the Faculty of Social Work.

"I see myself as just being a front person," he said. "All of you have been very supportive."

In attendance at the ceremony were City of Calgary Alderman Madeleine King, U of C President Dr. Harvey Weingarten and Progressive Conservative MP Joe Clark. All agreed the work of both Mr. Fischer and Dr. Este was worthy of praise.

"The winners of these awards today are quite deserving," said Dr. Weingarten.