Vincent St. Pierre is the president of the U of C Liberals.
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U of C Liberals in wikileaks cable

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It turns out that the National Security Agency is not only watching American citizens, but University of Calgary students as well.

It was recently discovered that the U of C Liberals, a student club on campus, were mentioned on an American diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks in 2010. The cable indicates that the campus club was instrumental in making the legalization of marijuana part of the federal Liberal Party’s

“The Alberta wing of the Liberal Party sponsored a call for the complete legalization and taxation of marijuana. National media reports that the University of Calgary Young Liberals forced this resolution through the provincial body,” reads the cable.

U of C Liberals president Vincent St. Pierre said that his club has taken the revelation as a compliment and believes that the U of C Liberals are challenging America’s current drug policies.

St. Pierre said he encourages students to become politically active, citing the cable as an example of the influence that students can have.

“Young people in this country have a marvelous set of mechanisms to be politically involved,” St. Pierre said.