IN HIS PRIME: Poilievre heads to Ontario in November.
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U of C student Prime finalist

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A University of Calgary student is one of ten finalists in the Magna of Canada "As Prime Minister" essay contest.

On Nov., 25, U of C business student and self-proclaimed starving student Pierre Poilievre will go to Ottawa to attend the final awards gala. As a finalist he receives $10,000 and a summer internship at Magna, based in Toronto, worth $12,000.

"It was like winning the lottery," commented Poilievre. "I'm ecstatic, as you can imagine any starving student would be."

The "As Prime Minister" essay contest is open to all post-secondary students in Canada. The winner will receive an additional ten thousand as well as a year-long internship worth $36,000.

"Last year one of my friends won it and he encouraged me take part," Poilievre said.

Poilievre's essay was an 11th hour submission--he didn't begin the essay until the day before the deadline. That night he worked from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. to get his idea on paper.

"Anyone with a brain can do the same thing and have a strong chance of winning," said Poilievre. "I was at work last year and had time on my hands and decided to start to type up the essay. [When I submitted the essay] I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best."

As a member of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party and the Federal Reform Party, Poilievre seems to have more than sufficient political opinion to challenge the views of the Prime Minister.

"What I wrote about was that we need to empower individuals by putting more money in their hands," he said. "Basically, we need to put the government on a financial diet. Politicians need to be made employees of the people, not the other way around."
For more information about the contest, visit www.asprime