Cencerro Blanco
(Slick Monkey)

White Cowbell Oklahoma

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In my completely objective and unbiased opinion, ZZ Top was funny at best and Kid Rock will always be terrible. So what happens when you mix these two sources? You get White Cowbell Oklahoma, a Toronto-based band that plays southern-fried boogie rock and has built quite a reputation for intense live shows filled with zany antics.

Unfortunately, their apparent onstage bravado does not translate well onto a studio album. The terribleness of Kid Rock is all over Cencerro Blanco, while the involuntary humor of ZZ Top is sadly missing.

The music is sometimes kind of fun in a guilty pleasure sort of way, it's the lyrics that are this album's downfall. Four themes are addressed on Cencerro Blanco: drugs, boobs, cowbells and oral sex.

As if this wasn't bad enough, White Cowbell Oklahoma seems to have a strange fetish for repetition, which allows the listener the pleasure of hearing such classic lines as "South, go down south, in your mouth" and "Let me slop my biscuit in your gravy" again and again to the point where the thought of jabbing Q-tips through your ear drums seems like an almost soothing option.

This is the kind of album I can only hope lives a short, unhappy life in the bottom of bargain bins across Canada.





Garth Paulson
Review of White Cowbell Oklahoma's Cencerro Blanco
(The Gauntlet) 1 out of 5 stars

Despite Garth Paulson's ambitious attempts to lump White Cowbell Oklahoma with Kid Rock, the fledgling "writer" has delivered a review wrought with contradictions and misnomers. Though Paulson must surely be a comedic dynamo, his assessment of Cencerro Blanco's lyrics as bereft of humour ring hollow. Most would agree that expertly-crafted lyrics such as "let me slop my biscuit in your gravy" are masterworks in the world of songwriting. These lyrics speak to people. They are powerful.

Alas, Paulson's statement that "the music is sometimes kind of fun in a guilty pleasure sort of way" is drivel of the worst kind. Even the most ill-studied, sub-retard ESL student would see the faults in this grammar. Shame on Paulson. Shame indeed.

Ironically, many of Paulson's more expert contemporaries (such as Chart Magazine) have put Cencerro Blanco on the "Best Canadian album of the year" list.

The only saving grace in Paulson's review was his assessment that "Four themes are addressed on Cencerro Blanco: drugs, boobs, cowbells and oral sex." Calgary music retailers have reported a stampede of U of C students (both male and female), buying up copies of Cencerro Blanco. Many have cited Paulson's aforementioned quote as the instigation for this.

One can only hope that Paulson's next effort will be of a higher caliber than this colonic waste.

S. Patterson

OK, so I just saw my first Cowbell show in December 2003, but they are AWESOME!!! Their live show is the best I've ever seen, so extravegant and exciting. The crowd loved them and you could tell they were the crowd that came back over and over to see them play! Their lyrics are fun and energetic and the music is awesome, they're so talented, you can't be serious "Garth"....