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Winners in SU election announced

Election sees large voter turnout and both referendums turned down

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After two weeks of schmoozing, postering and campaigning, the winners of the 2014–15 University of Calgary Students’ Union election have been announced.

Chief Returning Officer Chris Yan took the stage at the Den to reveal the results last Thursday. To a raucous crowd, Yan announced Jarett Henry as the 72nd SU president. Henry received 36 per cent of the vote.
Bombarded with hugs and high fives, Henry was overcome with excitement.

“Such an overwhelming rush of emotions right now. I’m speechless,” said Henry, just after the results were announced.

Outgoing president Jacob offered his replacement some words of wisdom.

“Work closely with the Graduate Students’ Association president, she’s pretty good. Listen to your vice-presidents. Listen to staff,” Jacob said before offering Henry the best of luck on the MacHall lease negotiations.

Hana Kadri will be the next vice-president academic. She received 55 per cent of the vote. In a close race 45 per cent of students voted for Lauren Voss, the only candidate opposing Kadri.

“I am so stoked,” Kadri said. “I’ve been prepping for this for the past four years of my life, and now it’s finally here.”

Still in his dino-safari attire, Adam Swertz was announced as the new vice-president operations and finance. Swertz received 54 per cent of the vote, while Ilyas Gora and Ahmad Nasser split the rest with 25 and 21 per cent respectively.

“Jarett and I have spent a ton of time in clubs working together,” Swertz said. “He’s like my heterosexual life partner. It’s the greatest partnership.”

Levi Nilson was elected vice-president external with 41 per cent. Tsering Asha got 34 per cent of the vote, while Kyle Schole received 19. Dropout candidate Desmond Mitic oddly received 316 votes, a five per cent share.

“I’m pretty exhilarated. It’s strange to be best friends with two people who are extremely fitted for what they want to do. It’s a once in a lifetime thing,” Nilson said. “I think we’re going to work well together and we’re going to do a lot of great things. If that’s hubris, I don’t care because it’s going to happen.”

Jonah Ardiel received 43 per cent of the vote to become vice-president student life. Ardiel defeated three other candidates to win the position. Mallory Lupick received 35 per cent, Zainab Malik had 18 per cent and Amir Ahadzadeh had four per cent.

Outgoing faculty of arts representative Malik wished Ardiel well and offered a sliver of advice to incoming arts reps.

“There are four girls. Don’t get in any catfights!” Malik said.

Michael Smith was re-elected as the student representative on the Board of Governors with 51 per cent of the vote, defeating Shubir Shaikh and Michael Geib. They received 32 and 18 per cent of the vote.

Outgoing vice-president academic Emily Macphail and Scott Vu defeated three other candidates and to be elected as student representatives on the Senate.

Macphail is excited to continue representing students after leaving the executive.

“I am super excited to keep working at the SU. I’m sad to be leaving, but I have so much faith with the new executives,” said Macphail.

Both referendums on the ballot were voted down. Fifty-seven per cent voted no for the CJSW referendum, which would increase their levy from five to six dollars. Sixty-one per cent voted no to creating a MacHall redevelopment fund, which would see students paying $35 per semester.

Current vice-president student life Ben Cannon was unhappy that students did not see the benefit in voting yes for these referendums.

“I’m extremely disappointed. I am just so proud of CJSW for trying their best to convince students that they were worth one more dollar,” Cannon said. “I’m very disappointed to see that students were not receptive to that.”

Faculty of arts representatives will be Kirsty McGowan, Kalista Sherbaniuk, Sarah Amiry and Lexi Narowski. All elected arts representatives ran on slates, yet Amiry and Narowski were elected without their counterparts.

The kinesiology representative will be Stephan Guscott. The engineering representatives will be Brayden Kooistra and Parsa Samavati.

Keean Bexte, Amy Li and Taylor Woo were elected science reps.

Medicine will be Carsten Krueger and veterinary medicine will be Blythe Sola.
In total, 7,339 students cast a ballot, a 28.8 per cent voter turnout — an increase from last year’s 27.8 per cent voter turnout.