Film review: Long Distance Revolutionary

By Tamara Cottle

Imagine languishing in a Pennsylvania prison cell on death row for 31 years. Now imagine doing that while being innocent. For those who do not accept their fate at the hands of a terminally flawed justice system, their battle would unquestionably be for personal freedom, doing whatever they could to prove their innocence. Mumia Abu… Continue reading Film review: Long Distance Revolutionary

Film review: Laurence Anyways

By Salimah Kassamali

The 2012 film Laurence Anyways introduces the raw directing and producing talent of Xavier Dolan. For his third feature film, 23-year-old Dolan has produced a beautifully cast, shot and designed film that sensitively and compassionately portrays a love story unique to our time. Released in May, it was the well-deserved winner of Best Canadian Feature… Continue reading Film review: Laurence Anyways

Film review: Parker

By Matthew Parkinson

Parker was a much better concept for a film before Jack Reacher underperformed at the box office — both films are adaptations of popular novels made into generic action movies that serve primarily as vanity pieces for their lead actors. However, instead of megastar Tom Cruise playing the lead role, Parker stars Jason Statham, perhaps… Continue reading Film review: Parker

Film review: Anna Karenina

By Matthew Parkinson

Anna Karenina, a costume drama set in late 19th century Russia, is perhaps the most approachable of director Joe Wright’s films. It marks his third collaboration with Keira Knightley, who previously starred in Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. For Anna Karenina, he adapts Russian author Leo Tolstoy’s novel of the same name. Like other films… Continue reading Film review: Anna Karenina