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September 05, 2013
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Beakerhead art and science festival

From September 11–15 Calgary will play host to Beakerhead, an arts festival that celebrates achievements in science and engineering. The five day event is just a facet of a larger Calgarian initiative thought up by Jay Ingram and Mary Anne Moser.


August 06, 2013
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Kenyan lawyer sues over Christ’s death

In a case some consider to be over a thousand years overdue, Dola Indidis, a Kenyan lawyer and former judge, is suing the governments of Italy and Israel over the wrongful execution of Jesus Christ.

According to England’s Daily Mail, Indidis plans to take his case to the International Criminal Court where he will argue that soldiers serving the Roman state egregiously violated Christ’s human rights.


July 30, 2013
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U of C scientists build satellite technology

University of Calgary scientists in the departments of physics and astronomy began working with the European Space Agency this week on satellite instruments that will be used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field.

The instruments will be placed on satellites for the ESA’s Swarm mission, which will attempt, after its November launch, to record the most accurate measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field to date.


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