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January 26, 2012
  Frostbite: U of C's new winter games hits campusPDF files may take a moment to load

The Furious Fighting Flamingos work together to solve trivia problems at one of the many Frostbite events taking place this week. Frostbite is a new initiative by the Students' Union to promote physical and emotional wellness, as well as camaraderie, on campus. Nine teams are participating in the Frostbite Cup this year. Teams take part in a series of competitions and every time a team wins, they get points. The winning team will receive a free ski vacation. There is a registration fee of $50 per team.

January 26, 2012
  Persian library opensPDF files may take a moment to load

The Calgary Persian Library opened at the University of Calgary last on January 24 in the Women's Resource Centre, giving Iranians in Calgary an opportunity to access Persian literature and culture.

"The number of Iranian people in Calgary is rising over time, and we realized that there is not a lot of Persian literature that is available," said Somayeh Goodarzi, a coordinator of the new library. "So bringing in Persian books here basically helps Iranians keep that connection to literature and culture."

January 26, 2012
  Media's influence on 'shacking up'PDF files may take a moment to load

Deciding when to move in together is a major life decision for young couples.

Psychology graduate student Marnie Rogers's research "How to Shack Up, Share Space, and Keep it Sexy" discusses how the prevalent societal messages of cohabitation are reflected in popular magazines such as Reader's Digest, Cosmopolitan and Men's Health.

"The nature of these magazines is informative. They provide checklists, questions and advice on cohabitation," explained Rogers.

January 26, 2012
  Science A construction causes disruptionPDF files may take a moment to load

Students travelling between MacHall and Science Theatres are no longer able to cut through Science A. The building is now under construction -- an inconvenience when it is -30.

"Often with construction, there's a little bit of short-term pain now, but I think it's going to be some really long-term gain," said Students' Union president Dylan Jones, who toured Science A before fall session exams.

January 26, 2012
  Dumpster-diving and looking for bearsPDF files may take a moment to load

The Low Anthem is a reserve of musical talent that is best approached with curiosity. This Rhode Island four-piece has been kickin' it for six years now, creating music that might accompany you on a road trip or perhaps to watch a melancholic sunset -- and may just bring out the deepest part of your folk-loving heart. An indie band that is climbing a ladder of alternative talent and recognition, The Low Anthem will be opening for City and Colour this weekend at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

January 26, 2012
  Modern Math turns up the volumePDF files may take a moment to load

Math -- not exactly the first word you would think about when describing music. If, however, you were to mention the phrase "Modern Math," the word might prompt an entirely different reaction.

For those familiar with the electronic music scene in Calgary, Modern Math is known as a local collective DJ group that hosts regular shows and parties -- and an integral part of the local dubstep scene in Calgary. For anyone who has attended a Modern Math night, however, it is an experience that stimulates all of your senses.

January 26, 2012
  The possibilty of resistancePDF files may take a moment to load

The word 'war' has been pondered, written and spoken about since the beginning of wars, which date back to the beginning of the human experience. A war by my definition is an entrepreneurial adventure where one group, either by greed or necessity, decides it needs to rape, pillage and control the assets of another group. Both historical and modern examples of this definition should be obvious, but there is an underlying implication that you might have missed.

January 26, 2012
  The necessity of resistancePDF files may take a moment to load

Our era has been polluted, perhaps to the point of terminal illness, by the mechanisms and apparatuses of an immense behemoth: the hegemonic totality called Empire. Its machinations are global in scale, and the old alliances and divisions no longer matter. It is no longer east versus west or democracy versus Islam or any other manifestation of this traditional dichotomy, but us versus the system.


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