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February 05, 2004
  Giving up on it allPDF files may take a moment to load

Well, here I am, halfway through another school year. At times the road ahead seems endless, stretching out in front of me punctuated with exams, classes I never go to and deadlines I have a harder time meeting with each passing day.

When will it all be over? And what the hell am I going to do with a Bachelor of ArtS in Sociology? It's almost as useful as a degree in philosophy or art.


February 05, 2004
  Too cold for classPDF files may take a moment to load

As Calgarians avoided last week's extreme temperatures, going to class was the last thing on many students' minds. In the eyes of university administration, however, closing the campus due to cold or snow is not a possibility.

While many universities have policies for "snow days" and blizzards, the University of Calgary is hesitant to let a little white stuff get in the way of normal operations.

February 05, 2004
  Academic commissioners make the gradePDF files may take a moment to load

Academic Commissioner candidates showed their election smarts Tue., Feb. 3.

Independent candidates and members of the two slates spoke at the Students' Union election forum, sharing their platforms to students in Speaker's Corner.

Eight of the 11 candidates appeared. Independents in attendance were Ashley Martin, Eli Akbari and Natalie Logie. Barski's Cabinet members attending were Krishna Gandhi, Harman Toor, Lauren Arab and Raj Sangha. Read Fenton represented the Action Party.


February 05, 2004
  The PanelPDF files may take a moment to load

Lawrence Bailey, Editor-in-Chief: As a seasoned veteran on both sides of Students' Union elections, Lawrence Bailey has witnessed six elections and was a candidate last year.

Russ Dyck, staff writer and photographer: This is Russ Dyck's first time on the Gauntlet Review panel. He brings both the voice of youth and an unjaded perspective to the panel.

Ben Hoffman, News Assistant: Second-year student Ben Hoffman brings the youth voice to our panel. This will be his first election.

February 05, 2004
  Ballots - Ben LiPDF files may take a moment to load

President: Bryan West

Least likely to collapse the build- ing on purpose.

VP Academic: Laura Schultz

Laura Schultz has repeatedly demonstrated a solid understanding of academic issues facing students and the university. Her dedication to the Students' Academic Assembly as the Communication and Culture representative for two years has been unmatched. More often than not, she has also been the voice of reason at dreadfully long Students' Legislative Council meetings, which she goes to voluntarily.


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