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September 15, 2005
  Out in the coldPDF files may take a moment to load

In the hustle of campus life, it can be easy to forget there are those less privileged than most students. The organizers of Calgary's Homeless Awareness Week are hoping to change this forgetfulness, with a number of events scheduled to highlight just how serious the situation is for some Calgarians.

September 15, 2005
  Clinton edumacates AfricaPDF files may take a moment to load

Former US President Bill Clinton will be in Ottawa to inaugurate the gala launch of Professeurs de la liberte, a non-profit organization seeking to empower and educate Africa's youth via e-learning at the grassroots level. Pioneered by Canada, this initiative will see the transfer of technology and educational textbooks to help bridge the technological divide and ease the 'brain drain' of expertise from Africa.

September 15, 2005
  New chair gives Haskayne a consciencePDF files may take a moment to load

The University of Calgary is hoping ethical concerns don't take a backseat to profit margins with the creation of the first Chair in Business Ethics.

Working in collaboration with the Haskayne School of Business and the Department of Philosophy, Dr. Gregory Daneke will occupy the new Faculty of Humanities chair.

September 15, 2005
  Grant MacEwan to offer degreesPDF files may take a moment to load

A recent government decision stands to increase the post-secondary options available to Alberta students. Edmonton's Grant MacEwan College was given the necessary approval to offer degrees, making the institution the first public college to offer Bachelor of Arts programs since the Post Secondary Learning Act was passed.

According to David Beharry, Media Relations Advisor for Grant MacEwan, the move to offer degrees builds on the institution's strong university transfer programs and learner focused approach.

September 15, 2005
  Justice for RwandaPDF files may take a moment to load

Picture walking into a barren classroom where the schoolchildren have been massacred. The image of their skulls left on a table and their clothes left hanging on a clothesline are their only remains.

In 1994, some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind occurred in Rwanda. In only three months, over 800,000 people were killed during a calculated campaign of murder and manslaughter.

September 15, 2005
  Hitler discovers cure for cancer. HITLER!PDF files may take a moment to load

"I'll just come out and say it, Nazis are fucking assholes. They are cute when they're little, I'll give them that. Why can't they stay small?"

- Sarah Silverman


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