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October 07, 1999
  Y2K is Y2 complicatedPDF files may take a moment to load

With all this jazz about what everyone will be doing on New Years Eve, and all the hype of how the Year 2000 will turn out to be, there are bigger issues facing students on this campus this Winter semester. First, the Block Week students aren't sure about what y2k will have in store for them. If classes are canceled, the Student's Union has been assured that every student will be aware of the class closures. What if the heating pipes, which are regulated by computers, freeze up? Mac Hall would turn into the Fantasyland Water Park.


September 30, 1999
  Plague strikes SUPDF files may take a moment to load

Woe to the students of MacEwan Hall, for the headless staircase has struck again! Yes, it was one of those nights, those frigid Calgary nights, where the frost nips at the genitals of the wanton prostitutes, and the fumble-fingered johns... yes, it was one of those nights.


September 23, 1999
  Secrets of success and failurePDF files may take a moment to load

April 16, 1999: possibly the largest orgy of unabashed debauchery in U of C history. BSD. Several thousand students consume an unfathomable amount of beer in an incredibly short time. People are sociable, involved, excited. There is electricity in the air.



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