More maturity please

By Claire Cummings

Editors, the Gauntlet,
Re: The cartoon with a penis in it, Dec. 3, 1998,

Can we PLEASE move past the juvenile behavior? Due to an obvious lack of creativity and of new subjects to offend every group of people, I was disapointed but not surprised to see the standard penis illustration in the Gauntlet’s Christmas edition. I guess a little humour and insight is too much to ask. This is not grade seven math class kids, and since none of your readers are pre-pubescent boys, we don’t care if you draw penises. Printing this strip isn’t daring and avant-garde, it makes the editors of the Gauntlet look foolish and trivializes the rest of the paper’s content. Next year, if there aren’t any intelligent, let alone funny illustrations to be found, don’t waste the paper.

Claire Cummings

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