VP Events

By Mary Chan

The race for the newly re-christened Vice-president Events (née Student Life) is being contested by three enthusiastic candidates with various levels of experience in different roles: Francis Freckleton, Jared Lorenz and Peter Wootliff.

Student involvement on a campus with a reputation for apathy is a big goal of all candidates this year.

"I hope to accomplish a greater attendance at Dinos games, continue the events from this year and involve the majority of student clubs with the SU to cater events to the specific needs of the students," said Freckleton.

Lorenz echoed his sentiments, adding that he sees many students who never experience the non-academic aspect of campus life.

"Their campus experience consists of coming to school in the morning, going to class, studying in the break, and leaving, without ever looking around to see what’s happening," said Lorenz. "I think that it has to be possible to get these people involved in something."

A major event that may fall under the Events portfolio is Calgary’s upcoming Fringe Festival, to be held on the University of Calgary campus in late August. A Board of Directors has been set up to organize the Festival, which is not solely an SU-sponsored event, but one which the VP Events may well be involved with if he so chooses.

Wootliff is currently working on computing issues related to the Fringe Festival.

"I have the website name ready, and am just waiting for the go-ahead from the Fringe group," he said. "As well, I hope to provide whatever resources I can to ensure a successful Fringe Festival."

Lorenz currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Fringe Festival.

"I would enjoy taking part in any element of this event which I think Calgary has been lacking for a long, long time," he said. "Following up, I would work on the next year’s festival and lobbying the university to allow us to make it an annual event on campus."

While Lorenz’s plans for next year include expanding this year’s programs to benefit students and Wootliff hopes to promote local musical and dramatic talent, Freckleton is more than happy to maintain the status quo.

"I think we are stretched out to the max on the number of events that we have on campus," said Freckleton. "Every year someone with a different platform wins and a new set of ideas are put to the forefront. These events have a hard time getting off the ground."

Freckleton added that promoting previously successful events will heighten campus life further, citing Bermuda Shorts Day (the last day of winter session) as an example.

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