External forum

By Jan Creaser

Covering issues like student debt and liaisons with various levels of government, the Feb. 22 Vice-president External forum allowed candidates Nassr Awada, Christa Big Canoe and Melanie McNaughton to answer questionsfor students. Paul Novosad, also a candidate, did not attend the forum.Students’ Union VP Events Miki Stricker moderated the forum, asking five questions related to… Continue reading External forum

Op-Fi forum

By Ricardo Urbina

The battle of the Operations and Finance candidates began this Tuesday at a candidates forum in MacEwan Student Centre. Of the four candidates running for the position of Students’ Union Vice-president Operations and Finance, all but Paul Newman attended.It came as no surprise that one of the major issues discussed was MacEwan Hall Expansion, the… Continue reading Op-Fi forum

Events forum

By Ricardo Urbina

If we learned one thing from the Students’ Union Vice-president Events candidates forum, it’s that both Jared Lorenz and Peter Wootliff are confident in expressing their feelings about self-exploration. Amidst cries of, "I don’t want anybody else. When I think about you I touch myself," students were able to discern some relevant information. Candidate Francis… Continue reading Events forum

External Commission

By Brian Arkinstall

Surprisingly, there will be a race for the four External Commission positions in this years Students’ Union election. On Wed., Feb. 10 there were only two candidates. Three more appeared before the extended deadline expired on the Thursday. The candidates are Toby White, Nadif Lalani, Mark Hoekstra, Andrew Ferguson, and Duncan Wojtaszek.Andrew Ferguson is currently… Continue reading External Commission

Election ’99

By Jan Creaser

By now you’ve noticed a bunch of shining faces beaming from just about every visible surface on campus. It’s election time again and eager candidates are vying for attention and votes.Official campaigning for the 1999 Students’ Union General Election kicked off after an all-candidates meeting on Fri., Feb. 12. Forty-five students are running for executive… Continue reading Election ’99

Events Commission

By Ricardo Urbina

This year, seven candidates are running for the position of Events Commissioner. Unfortunately, only four lucky contestants will win the coveted prize behind door number two. The prize in this case, however, demands fulfilling many responsibilities in return. The job of an Events Commissioner basically entails assisting the Students’ Union Vice-president Events on various activities… Continue reading Events Commission

Survey says…

According to a poll conducted by the University of Calgary’s ACCORD Research of 106 students. Do you intend on voting in the upcoming Students’ Union election? (in er cent) yes 33 no 50 Don’t know/not sure 12.3 What do you believe to be the most important issue that the Students’ Union should be addressing? (in… Continue reading Survey says…

Op-Fi Commission

By Carla Young

The Operations & Finance Commissioners’ role is to carry out the duties of the Vice-president Operations and Finance as well as handling clubs and conference funding.The candidates for the Op-Fi Commission are competing for four positions. The candidates are Jane Alkhouri, Mike Hardcastle, Fouad Jomaa, Matt Lauzon, and Kirstyn Nay. Jane Alkhouri, who hopes students… Continue reading Op-Fi Commission

Presidential race

By Brian Arkinstall

In a vast departure from the three candidates who ran last year, this year there are seven candidates running for the prestigious position of Students’ Union President. The election race promises to be quite heated, considering pressing campus issues and the sheer number of candidates running.The candidates present a wide variety of goals and proposals,… Continue reading Presidential race

Academic Commission

By Phil McCakken

Fortunately, all the academic commisioners were acclaimed. This means less work for the lazy.. I mean hard working editors of eG. See the news archives for more info, or the Election ’99 coverage..