Cheaters always win

By Stephen Kaczkowski

A couple of months back there came to my attention a general E-mail inquiry concerning the question "why do people cheat?" This query was prompted, in its particulars, by the apparent admission of some member of the us women’s soccer team that she had indeed ‘cheated’ in order to win the championship game. I write ‘cheated’ because apparently the player made the claim that, as she had not been caught at the behavior, the behavior itself did not constitute cheating. Whether or not this story is true (or complete as I have recounted it) I am going to answer the question "why cheat" here today.

In our society (and I will make no claims against any other) the winner is Lord and Master and as many a T-shirt loudly and proudly proclaims (in one fashion or another) "second-place is just another word for loser." Contemplate all the ramifications of that sentiment and then ask yourself again the question (in its myriad forms) "why cheat; why commit crimes; why lie; why" People have cheated before, and always will as long as we all reward them for being winners at any and all costs.

I return to the us women’s soccer team in particular to note that by virtue of their having won the contest the entire team has met with celebrity and in (at the least) one instance pending fortune. I note that one of the female soccer team members stripped off her shirt to reveal her bra upon the final victory. Said athlete had a hand in the design of the sports bra she was wearing (and thus an interest in its promotion) according to Maclean’s. She claimed, however, not to have stripped off her top in an effort at promotion. Decide for yourself on that issue, but according to the local radio show this same woman has now ‘won’ herself a number of (no doubt lucrative) product endorsements and parts on television programs because of her inadvertent exposure. According to the radio show she had been earning $15,000 per year as a soccer player. That, however, was before the team won the championship (with the assistance of the self-confessed cheating) and before the stripping down to reveal her assets. Why indeed would anyone ever cheat

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