USRI looms on horizon

By Heather Clitheroe

Amidst a rash of pre-millennium preparations and Y2K preparedness drills, students at the University of Calgary are getting ready for the last teaching evaluations of the century.

“The Universal Student Ratings Instrument has been called into action as a evaluatory system,” explained one official. “It has not been tested for its efficacy as a Y2K party favor, though. So this year, students will just use it to evaluate their instructor’s teaching.”

An inside SU source, wishing to remain anonymous, agreed. “It’s not like those alien implants,” he said. “It’s easy, fast, and simple to do. Students just fill in the dots. What could be easier than that?”

The Universal Student Ratings Instrument has recently been the center of attention as unfounded allegations of extra-terrestrial impropriety abound. However, confidentiality has been maintained consistently throughout the process.

“The information is collected, compiled, and published on the web,” the source said. “Students can access it through the Infonet.”

The source also pointed to the use of id numbers on the forms as an important issue. “It’s just to confirm students are registered in the class. The evaluations are not co-related to the feedback the student provides on the instructor. The scanning process doesn’t allow for that.”

Universal Student Ratings Instruments will be distributed to classes towards the end of the semester. The unnamed source stated that questions and comments should be directed to Students’ Union VP Academic, Heather Clitheroe.

“Just don’t ask about alien implants,” he said. “I think the bastards already got to her.”

Clitheroe can be reached at the Students’ Union office, or by e-mail:

Heather Clitheroe
VP Academic

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