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VP Academic forum

By Natalie Sit

Good news from the Vice-president Academic forum: both candidates, Mark Hoekstra and Brent Robinson, have never received an F in any course.The Academic forum on Tues., Mar. 7 was chaired by current VP Academic Heather Clitheroe. It began with difficult brain teasers which neither candidate got right.The next category was background questions concerning issues like… Continue reading VP Academic forum

USRI looms on horizon

By Heather Clitheroe

Amidst a rash of pre-millennium preparations and Y2K preparedness drills, students at the University of Calgary are getting ready for the last teaching evaluations of the century. “The Universal Student Ratings Instrument has been called into action as a evaluatory system,” explained one official. “It has not been tested for its efficacy as a Y2K… Continue reading USRI looms on horizon

Plague strikes SU

By Heather Clitheroe

Woe to the students of MacEwan Hall, for the headless staircase has struck again! Yes, it was one of those nights, those frigid Calgary nights, where the frost nips at the genitals of the wanton prostitutes, and the fumble-fingered johns… yes, it was one of those nights.And though the students of MacEwan Hall were safely… Continue reading Plague strikes SU

Academic appeals: “do”s and “don’t”s

By Christine Cheung

Don’t think you deserved that F last semester? Have you been requested to withdraw from a course? Unbeknownst to many people, you have the right to appeal. “There’s always an opportunity to appeal,” said Students’ Union Vice-president Academic Heather Clitheroe. “Whether or not an appeal is heard is determined by someone else, but these are… Continue reading Academic appeals: “do”s and “don’t”s

VP Academic

By Jamie Hellewell

There are three candidates in the race to represent you as Vice-president Academic of the Students’ Union: Drew Brown, Heather Clitheroe, and Kerry Parker.The official job description of the VP Academic includes advocating student rights on academic issues, coordinating and chairing the Student’s Academic Assembly, and developing policies and services to aid students. However, each… Continue reading VP Academic

Academic forum

By Jan Creaser

"Who is Peggy Patterson and why is she important?" was the bonus question asked of the three Vice-president Academic candidates at the Feb. 22 forum. (For the record, Patterson’s the university Associate VP Student Affairs.) Current Students’ Union VP Academic Toireasa Jespersen moderated the forum for candidates Drew Brown, Heather Clitheroe and Kerry Parker. The… Continue reading Academic forum

Election could mean zero tuition increase

By Ruth Davenport

Provincial elections mean speeches, posters and perhaps no tuition increase for everyone. "The fact that this is an election year means that the government does not want protests, [and] the government does not want students that are unhappy," stated Drew Brown, undergraduate representative for the Board of Governors. "It’s imperative that people come out to… Continue reading Election could mean zero tuition increase

Province establishes $3M scholarship

By Mary Chan

A lberta university students entering their second year could now get a $1,000 break from the provincial government. The Ministry of Learning announced the terms of its new$3 million scholarship fund on Tuesday. Created in the Feb. 24 provincial budget, the scholarship will be awarded to students with an average equivalent to 80 per cent… Continue reading Province establishes $3M scholarship

Unofficial Elected and Acclaimed Positions for the 2000 SU General Election

Elected President: Tyler Brekko – 342 Faisal Rana – 770 Toby White – 1115 ** VP Academic Mark Hoekstra – 1562 ** Brent Robinson – 555 VP Events d’Arhcangelo, Alix – 1347 ** Woolgar, Kyle – 731 Academic Commission Dempsey, Erika – 1135 ** Larsen, Jon – 832 ** Porco, Nicolas – 927 ** Sutherland,… Continue reading Unofficial Elected and Acclaimed Positions for the 2000 SU General Election