Attention Terry White


Dr. White,

This letter is in regards to the General Student’s Forum that was promised last year, but has failed to materialize. We would like you to accept our proposal to schedule a forum for this school year. We hope that you are committed to working with students to find solutions regarding student issues such as poverty, rising debt, and rising tuition. The best way to understand and fully represent all concerns on campus would be to have a running dialogue between administration, students, faculty members and support staff.

We, the Alberta Tuition Abolition Coalition (ATAC), have taken the initiative to schedule the General Student’s Forum on January 26, 2000. If you cannot make that date, you may reschedule it within January 24-27, 2000. However, if you do change the date of the forum, please be aware that it becomes your responsibility to organize it, which we hope we can trust you to do in good faith. We would appreciate a response to us in a letter to the Gauntlet and ourselves of your acceptance within a week.

We sincerely hope you will participate in this General Student Forum. However, it is our responsibility to let you know that if you refuse to meet with the students and hear their concerns, which should be yours as well, the students will be left with no recourse but to make themselves heard through other avenues. It would demonstrate the greatest contempt of the students of the university if the president, the person who is supposed to represent them, refused to deal with them directly.

Thank you for your time,


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