The Screen Behind the Mirror — Enigma

By David Kenney

Remember the sci-fi flick Mad Max?

If so, then visions of Tina Turner and uncooked linguini hair must be near. And don’t forget, "We Don’t Need Another Hero." Blecch.

Now fast forward to Y2K, where techno rules sci-fi Prodigy, good. Propellerheads, good. Enigma, baaaaaaad.

On the new age group’s The Screen Behind the Mirror, their soundtrack is only missing a movie.

With droning chanting, whispy spirited orders, and plenty of marching songs, Enigma sets up all the suspense.

Like most sci-fi though, it’s also full of clichés. Here’s a CD of self-help anthems and anti-climatic tracks that fill a hollow record. Think Michael Jackson drivel à la techno and voila, there’s Enigma. All action and drama, no filler.

Stick to Tina Turner.

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