Lobbying the province is the answer to funding woes

By Jill Garrett

My Fellow Students:

Once again the tuition increase (which most of us have come to view as inevitable no matter how loud we protest) has come and gone, and we are left towing the line for government and administration. Between now and increase time next year, most of us will fall back into our regular routines and deal with the extra $188 as a matter of course.

I believe that the only way to make a difference is to keep the heat turned up on the Provincial Government. Don’t let Lyle Oberg get too comfortable. He may be under the impression that he is off the hook for another year.

In light of the Feb. 8 announcement of the government’s latest brilliant scheme, "Get Ready Alberta" (whose goal is to create a better educated workforce and encourage more people to attend post secondary institutions in spite of rising tuition costs–which, by the way, they have no intention of doing anything about), I believe it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to educate the government. It is clear they have no interest in educating us.

And it may seem like a drop in the bucket to Klein and Oberg, but when I add $188 to my already high expenses–rent, bills, car insurance, food, clothing, and a student loan that has already surpassed $15,000, with me in my 3rd year of my 2nd undergrad degree and Grad school looming in the not-so-distant future–$188 is a lot to me.

I believe that one person can make a difference. I believe that eventually Oberg and Klein and the rest of the government will be forced to listen. I believe that my fight has just begun.

I have decided to start my own letter writing campaign. I will write a letter a week to both Mr. Klein and Mr. Oberg until my voice is heard. I am prepared to do it alone, but I hope you will all join me. I know you believe, as I do, that tuition is the problem. They can’t ignore us forever!

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