Absolutely the Best — The Zombies

By Shawn Hoult

It’s funny how certain bands and albums are remembered after any given decade, whereas many equally good bands get forgotten and left behind. When we think of the ’60s we think of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but somewhere along the way, the Zombies got left behind.

The fact that this critically acclaimed band only ever had one real hit with "Time of the Season," is a travesty of musical justice.

The Zombies sound a lot like Sloan would if they had been born 30 years earlier. Like Sloan, they did not get the radio play that they deserved. It’s high time we unite and fight back at this kind of radio injustice. Everyone go out and buy Absolutely the Best and crank it up so that ’60s DJs around the world can hear our cry and hang their heads in shame.