Move out… of Rez

By Anna Watson

Editors, the Gauntlet,
Re: “Rez withholds $1, 600” Feb. 10, 2000

     I f planning to live on campus, consider the following: Residence Services is run by a disorganized bunch of ignorant fools. You may be rudely treated at the front desk. If this occurs, remind them that you are a customer and paying their wages.

If you’re honest, be prepared to keep all receipts in case they come after you for $1.20 of supposedly unpaid phone bills two years down the road.
If you’re dishonest, do as numerous students have done. Don’t pay them the thousands you owe them and ignore their warning letters. They’ll soon forget all about it due to a mere computer glitch or pure stupidity. (I am not sure which one.)

Be willing to waste your money at the Dining Centre, because if not spent, their grimy mitts get to keep it. To get back at them, steal their dishware. If given a calculator at the front desk and asked to "figure out" what you owe them, revert to number four. Their lack of professionalism can’t go without being punished.
If you submit a maintenance report, be prepared to have Darryl and his brother Darryl enter your bedroom at 9 a.m. and say, "Dog Gone, looks like it’s broke!" Don’t worry though, they’ll leave 30 seconds later without touching nor fixing a thing. (I have yet to comprehend the purpose of their visits.)

So sure, it might be nice to sleep in your own bed between classes. And it might be nicer yet to have easy access to soirées of sin and debauchery at the Den. Nevertheless, it would be even better to avoid all forms of communication with the twits at Residence Services and the occasional stoned girl coming to your door at 4 a.m. asking for a smoke. Do yourself a favour. Take the 45 minute bus ride to school every morning knowing that you saved yourself much grief.

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