Air Canada flies to Sidney

By Kris Kotarski

I don’t know what US Basketball was doing when they didn’t invite Vince Carter to play for the Olympic team this summer. As a Raptors fan, I felt downright insulted, so I can’t even begin to imagine how Vince Carter felt.

It must have been hard for him, especially with the media frenzy that followed: everyone wanted to know how Carter felt about the snub; everyone wanted to get a soundbite to put on the evening news–but Vince was calm and cool, and he kept his mouth shut. It was probably the best thing to do; he didn’t come off bitter, just disappointed. And to anyone that was disappointed cause they didn’t hear his opinion on the snub, I’m not putting words into his mouth, but I bet Vince was pissed, and probably caught off-guard.

The snub was surprising considering a couple of factors. First of all, Carter is a damn good player. He is leading the Toronto Raptors into their first ever playoff berth, he is averaging 25.9 points a game; proving he can win in the clutch by hitting a couple of buzzer beaters this season. There is no doubt Carter can play, and there is no doubt Carter can fly. This is where the other side of his appeal comes in. Vince led in votes for the NBA All-Star game, and he is loved by fans and the American media. He stole the show at the slam dunk contest overshadowing even the dunks of one Michael Jordan, the former air king.

The injury to Tom Gugliotta freed up one roster spot on the Olympic team and it was there for Carter; the US Basketball committee did not make the same mistake twice. Vince Carter will go to the Olympics, and if you think he is impressive now, just wait till you see him in the red, white and blue. Vince will have something to prove, and he will do it the only way he knows how–with his raw intensity, his high energy and his aerial acrobatics.

Just wait, you’ll see; Vince Carter will fly.