New Club Committee Chair aims to up club activity

By Roman Zakaluzny

And you thought democracy wasn’t alive on campus. With just under nine percent club approval, Jordan Bonner was elected Club Committee Chair last Friday.

Bonner, a third-year political science/history student, won the race in which each Students’ Union sanctioned club was allowed one vote. Of the 147 eligible clubs, only 28 took the time to cast a vote–13 for Bonner.

"My victory was a little anti-climactic," said Bonner upon learning of his win. "Although 28 votes is up from last year’s 17, I think that clubs should be able to do better. I think that the poor turnout is representative of the lack of spirit and concern that most clubs have towards outside activities."

In a race featuring more candidates than the one for SU president, Bonner beat out Stephen Collins, Jon Keech and Yoni Porat to secure the win.

The CCC is an elected position, and reports to the Students’ Legislative Council monthly. Although the CCC does not get a vote on council, they can offer their point of view on matters. They are also a direct link between clubs and the SLC, and are responsible for the Club Committee budget and policing of the clubs bylaws.

Bonner campaigned on a platform of increasing inter-club activities. He believes that the more involved clubs are on campus, the better the atmosphere at the university.

"Events I’d like to have [include] scavenger hunts; all sorts of sports tournaments to raise money, or food, or blood; the pie in the face thing to raise money for the United Way was great a couple years ago; and maybe a bachelor/bachelorette sale for charity," said Bonner. "Thankfully, there are six other people on the Club Committee to brainstorm with, people that will hopefully have a wide range of experiences to draw upon."

One club that didn’t vote was the Political Science Association. PSA President Bryan Wright blamed a lack of awareness for the low turnout.

"I didn’t know about the election until Bonner sent [an] e-mail," explained Wright. "I was completely unaware. And I didn’t know who to vote for. I was ignorant, I guess."

Wright said that in the past, the CCC position has been good in getting clubs involved and competing against one another. Wright echoed Bonner in wanting to "get the clubs competing against each other," and also said that Bonner was one of the few candidates who took the time to e-mail the clubs individually and inform them of the election.

"[Bonner’s] who I would’ve voted for, because he’s the only person who contacted us," said Wright."