Students steaming mad at SU

By David Quayat

Editors, the Gauntlet

The recent SU decision to not renew the McQ’s lease is an unforgivable act based solely on sheer greed. The SU would kick out the current tenant and set up the same business in the same site. McQ’s is a small family-run business. The prices are fair and service friendly. The Cho family has served the students well and the SU has earned revenue from the rent that the business has paid.

Shame on the SU who will evict an honourable businessman who has given back to U of C students time and time again. Mr. Cho created an annual $1000 bursary for students in financial need, which has been an award for almost 10 years. Without any other reason than perhaps greed, the SU has thrown Mr. Cho on the street. What a way to thank a donor who has provided badly needed support for the university.

The SU intends to use the profit they hope to make running the store themselves for SU lobby efforts for this coming year. Dear SU: the ends do not justify the means. Kicking out a family-run store to fill SU coffers is not the action of a reasonable organization. As of June 2000, the SU will rob a generous man of his livelihood. Please stop the SU from this unethical act: write to the SU president, Toby White, and tell the SU to act more like a fair landlord and not like a profit-made corporation bent on market monopoly.

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