First-years start their orientation week

By Natalie Sit

They came, bleary-eyed and wary. They saw thousands of others just like them. They knew it was the beginning of their university career.

U of C 101 started Wed., Sept. 6, with about 3,600 first-year students participating in the orientation program. The three-day long program began with the Community Welcome in the Jack Simpson Gymnasium. University of Calgary Students’ Union President Toby White welcomed the frosh to the next four, five, six years or however long it takes to finish their degrees at the university. He then gave the students advice for their future academic careers.

"Don’t let classes get in the way of your education," said Mr. White, quoting Mark Twain.

He then introduced U of C President Terry White as his estranged brother, spoofing their shared last name. Dr. White stood on stage and bantered with Mr. White.

After the assembly, students toured the campus, spent the lunch hour listening to the sounds of Los Morenos, met their fellow students and chose their electives for the next day.

Students’ responses to the program were mixed.

"It’s semi-helpful," said Communication and Culture first-year Tiffany Low. "It’s a bit intimidating. I went to a small high school. We had 166 students in our graduating class."

"I’ve met nice people," said Communication and Culture first-year Kevin Andersen. "[U of C] looks like a nice place. But I haven’t learned much that would help me."

Another frosh piped up with the comment the student leaders were peppy.

Student Leader Shantel Jensen believes the students have been hesitant but are willing to take chances.

"I think [U of C 101] is important," said Jensen. "People need to know where to go to ask questions."

U of C 101 continues until the end of the week.


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