Weekend Update: Wrestling

By Kris Kotarski

What happened? Did the Dinos fall asleep? If so, a slam and pin from the Golden Bears should have been a sufficient wake-up call.

On Jan. 17, the Dinos did the unthinkable. They lost a dual meet to their northern rivals for what seems like the first time since the elder Bush was in office.

The Dinos weren’t seen crying afterwards, at least not openly.

Not all was lost though, as Mike Stitt, Anthony Baldwin and David Kooperberg won their matches in impressive fashion.

Stitt put on a clinic, but the majority of the instruction was doled out by the Bears who manhandled their prehistoric foes.

As the Dinos filed out of the gym Wednesday night they looked worried. Maybe it was their performance, but maybe it was the prospect of facing Head Coach Mitch Ostberg at Thursday’s practice.

"He’s a reasonable man," said Stitt with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. "He’ll take the good with the bad."

Stitt also emphasized the positives of the evening, such as Pat Yau’s effort in a losing cause.

"Pat wrestled good," said Stitt with a smile. "And [his opponent] was no punk, either."

Next up for the Dinos is a visit to Regina where they’ll take on the Rams.

"We’ll have an easier time with Regina," smirked Stitt. The weekend will tell if the Dinos’ slump is temporary or if coach Ostberg’s team is in for some trouble.