Cocky, carefree and kickin’ ass

By Andrew Ross

Don’t get on Megan Kinsella’s bad side. The deceptively diminutive Kinsella has a wicked mean streak, as this reporter quickly learned. Before he could even introduce himself, he was subjected to a violent verbal barrage regarding the lack of coverage of the Dinos swim team in the Gauntlet. Point taken.

Last weekend at the Alberta Senior Swimming Championships, the Dinos kicked some serious ass, winning almost every race and sweeping several. It is with good reason, then, that the Dinos seem a little cocky.

"We’re taking down UBC next weekend," said Jonathan Fowler, whose cold didn’t prevent him from placing third in the men’s 200m backstroke.

Not surprisingly, Kinsella was even more confident.

"We’re gonna win CIs (Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union championships)," she predicted. "I don’t know about the guys, but the girls are gonna win." This reporter knows better than to argue with her.

The general feeling in the Dinos’ camp is that the provincials were really just a warm-up for the Canada West championship in Vancouver this weekend.

"As far as preparation for Canada West next weekend, we look pretty good," said Head Coach Bill Humby.

We’ll soon see if the Dinos’ confidence is well-founded or not.