The revolution of public transit

By Editorial

Are right-wing-leaning, car-loving, we-think-two-people-in-a-car-equals-a-high-occupancy-vehicle Calgarians ready for transportation socialism? A new post-secondary transit pass system, which would cost students approximately $50 per semester to gain unlimited access to all Calgary public transit services, might test the student population’s car addiction in light of the realistic benefits of a move towards using transit.Ultimately, a program like… Continue reading The revolution of public transit

Build your body, not your biceps

By Ruth Davenport

OK, so Christmas is over and New Year’s has come and gone. The turkey’s history, the chocolate boxes are empty, the fridge is bare. And you aren’t fitting quite as sleekly into your Gap khakis, are you?Time to declare war on the love handles. With sedentary days and calorie-laden goodies a distant memory, the populace… Continue reading Build your body, not your biceps

Science and other things you can’t take with you

By Lawrence Bailey

While we all line up to worship at the altar of almighty Science, perhaps we should put more consideration into what we stand to lose. In a time of scientific and technological progress there are questions we dismiss as childish or inconsequential that once formed the core of our thoughts, work and actions as humans.… Continue reading Science and other things you can’t take with you

Weekend Update: Women’s Basketball

By Scott Lepp

While University of Calgary students had a couple of weeks to relax and get ready for the second semester, Head Coach Shawnee Harle’s women’s basketball squad was working off the holiday turkey and getting ready for the Calgary Hoops Classic held Dec. 29-31. This was an all-important opportunity for the Dinos to prove to outer-conference… Continue reading Weekend Update: Women’s Basketball

Weekend Update: Women’s Volleyball

By Daorcey Le Bray

Although Trinity Western University’s women’s volleyball team has improved since their Canadian Intercollegiate Athletics Union debut last year, they still insist on claiming the last place in Canada West for their own. Pitted against the formidable Dinos last weekend, the Spartans maintained their ability to roll over and be spanked like a bad, bad donkey.… Continue reading Weekend Update: Women’s Volleyball

Saskatchewan heartbreak for Bee

By Kris Kotarski

When heading into unfamiliar territory, we sometimes think of worst-case scenarios. The University of Calgary women’s basketball team didn’t just think it, last weekend in Saskatchewan they lived it. The Dinos came back from the break looking to improve their national ranking with a trip to the prairies to take on the then second-ranked University… Continue reading Saskatchewan heartbreak for Bee