13 Days won’t bomb

By Nicole Kobie

Dear Academy Awards Committee:Generally speaking, the individuals that make up your voting body pick rotten movies and worthless actors to win your Oscars. This year, please don’t make the mistakes you made last year, with the likes of Shakespeare in Love. Instead, choose the best work of the year: Thirteen Days.Historical-dramas are always an easy… Continue reading 13 Days won’t bomb

From the ashes of the walrus comes insanity

By David Kenney

The bad date. Almost everyone’s had one complete with a "groan, why’d I say or do that" thought. And since time travel isn’t yet possible, getting back those moments isn’t realistic. Thanks to Hidden Insanity Theatre, such realism isn’t necessary. In David Ives’ Sure Thing, the campus theatre group portrays a couple who can’t get… Continue reading From the ashes of the walrus comes insanity

Nickle and Dime is spleenalicious

By Kristin Nikonetz

Only Grant Tilly can pull off a musical in which the plot revolves around the human spleen. With help from musical director Konrad Pluta, stage manager Joanna Topor, and Nickle and Dime Productions, Tilly’s musical Spleendid will be performed at noon from Jan. 16-19 at the Reeve Theatre Secondary. Tilly’s love for biology and drama… Continue reading Nickle and Dime is spleenalicious

Thievery Corporation is music worth stealing

By Matt Oakes

Thieves steal to make a living therefore, the name Thievery Corporation is subtlety ironic for a Washington, D.C. based electronic duo. During the past half decade, Eric Hilton and Rob Garza successfully created a new and unique sound, which is a breath of fresh air to an increasingly stale and redundant electronic music scene. Over… Continue reading Thievery Corporation is music worth stealing

State and Main: don’t cross this street

By Nicole Kobie

State and Main is a street corner in the slow, sleepy town of Waterford, Vermont. It’s where the ideals of purity and second chances cross paths. It’s where big business Hollywood and small town values collide. It’s where acclaimed director David Mamet and his brilliant ensemble cast attempt to wittily criticize their own industry, but… Continue reading State and Main: don’t cross this street

Yippy ki yay! Theatre rodeo returns

By David Kenney

Telling Ruth Bieber you haven’t heard of Inside Out Integrated Theatre doesn’t surprise her. Even after 10 years, the local theatre group is still relatively unknown. To Inside Out’s artistic director this isn’t a concern. Inside Out is really a story of evolution. Ten years ago, Inside Out began with its first production Belonging. Inviting… Continue reading Yippy ki yay! Theatre rodeo returns