The secret of graduating from U of C

By Dean Hetherington

Every student wants to graduate, but students unaware of the graduation process can face delays and, in some cases, receive no degree.

"We have had situations where students have the appropriate credits, but have not filled out the application for graduation," said Convocation Officer Dorothy Robertson. "We had a student last spring come down from Edmonton to graduate, and he had not filled any form. He did have a paper from his faculty advisor indicating he had completed the right courses, but, without the application, it was too late to make it legal."

The registrar’s office recommends students first check with their faculty advisor to determine whether they have completed all requirements for their degree. If the faculty advisor notifies the student that a degree is obtainable, then an application for graduation should be filled out at the registrar’s office.

"It is the student’s ultimate responsibility to determine the requirements for their degree," said Senior Advisor Natalie Lindsay.

Application deadlines are due March 1 for spring graduation and Aug. 15 for fall graduation. Once students apply, the registrar’s office sends the applications to the respective faculties for review. After receiving confirmation from the faculties’ graduation lists, the registrar’s office sends convocation letters to students, including information about locations, gown pickup and attendance cards.

"Receiving the convocation letters are important for students," said Robertson. "The convocation letters confirm how many seats we are going to need for the ceremony, as well as special distinction for joint degrees and honours degrees. Last year, 150 students showed up without notice which led to some students having to sit on the floor."

Students interested in determining their degree status can contact their faculty, the registrar’s office or visit

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