Direct entry coming Fall 2002

By Natalie Sit

Undecided students

Each faculty has an undecided period for students except the Faculty of Science, which means that most faculties will allow students to take five full courses without declaring a major. Humanities differs because students can take 10 full courses without declaring a major.

Management will not have an undecided status, but will admit students into first, second and third year. After a student has completed the five or 10 full courses without entering the faculty, they can choose another faculty. If a student refuses to choose a major, a withhold is
put on their registration. However Krivy doesn’t believe that will happen with so many open degree programs.

Porco agreed with Krivy’s rationale but found the lack of consistency across faculties a problem.

"They’re going to have to be watchful of people who try to take advantage of being undecided for too long and trying to take credits towards a degree they’ll never get because of a low GPA," said Porco.

Admission numbers

Right now, the university is unaware how frosh students distribute themselves among the five current faculties. Without that information, Krivy is unsure how new students will distribute themselves among the new direct entry faculties.

"In 2003, after we see how the students split themselves up, some faculties could say, ‘I’m sorry we need to go to a higher [admission] average’ or some faculties [could] say, ‘We could actually lower our [admission] average’," said Krivy.


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