Campus 5-0 stays put, again…

By Вen Li

Campus Security is going nowhere fast. Their planned April 1 relocation to MacEwan Students Centre is the latest in a string of expansion-related delays.

"The schedule was not achieved," said Campus Planning Project Manager Robert Majamaa.

"In terms of this being a fast-track construction project, we’re planning and moving as efficiently as we can."

The delay, however, will not impact Campus Security since designs for their new home haven’t been finalized.

"We’re still operational like we always have been," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz, who does not know when they will move. "I understand [the move will take place] anywhere from June to July. "

Meetings with affected groups including the Students’ Union, the International Students’ Centre and the Nat Christie Adaptive Technology Centre are ongoing.

"We are in conversation with Campus Planning. [We are] trying to meet every week or two," said Disability Resource Centre Director Pat Pardo, who noted that they are now getting more input into the process.

"It’s really important for students to be involved because we want our new location to meet and exceed barrier-free design principles," said Pardo. "I have to say that I’m very impressed with the architect. My experience has been that every suggestion we’ve made in terms of what we’re looking for is worked into the next set of drawings. I’m very confident that we will have a space that meets our needs."

Pass-card-accessible washrooms near the existing washrooms on the north side of MSC will be a new feature.

"This comes from my experience from the four accessible washrooms outside the current space. They are always being used by the general public," said Pardo. "Wheelchair users can’t go to the general washrooms."

According to Pardo, no timeline is in place for their relocation to the Airport Lounge area, and the current facilities will remain in place until after winter term exams. Students with disabilities currently use the DRC and Nat Christie Centre to study and take exams.


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