By Craig Norman

So maybe not everyeone is a comic geek. A lot of people don’t understand the obssession and the enthusiasm surroudning the phenomena that are comics. They don’t get the pleasure of curling up to a Adventures of Supreman or the Uncanncy X-Men at night and drifting off to sleep with heroes and villains fighting their eternal battle right beneath your eyelids.

By now, you’ve noticed we love our comics a little too much. Just the other night, one of you esteemed editors was caught sleep-web-slinging by his girlfriend in bed. And yes, we know what you’re thinking. Just ’cause a guy like Spiderman doesn’t mean he can’t have a girlfriend. Aside from our astronomical knowledge in the realm of spandex-clad heroes, we’re just like you.

We eat, we breathe, we even go to class, the only difference is one of us has a hand-sewn Superman costume hanging in his closet and the other carries an authentic Spiderman lunchbox.

This supplement is not only a way for us to indulge our love for comics, it’s also an avenue to inform and entertain our beloved readers and showcase some outstanding local talent.

We want to show your our fascination with comics and maybe even try to convert you to our cause. After all, we’d love for every girlfriend (and boyfriend) to tremble in fear ever time their significant other walks by a comic store or turns on the Super-marathon on TBS.

But above all, we want you, dear readers, to enjoy yourselves. We hope you get lost in our world for the next few pages, and with a little luck you’ll be slingin’ a little web yourself.

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