WISE turns 10

By Daniel Krut

The Women In Science and Engineering Club celebrated its tenth anniversary by unveiling a poster campaign on April 4.

The campaign, aimed at convincing young women in Alberta to choose careers in science and engineering, will distribute posters promoting the achievements of female scientists and engineers to junior and senior high schools across Alberta. The posters encourage young women to consider careers in these areas.

"The posters display products that women have been directly involved with; some from the University of Calgary," said Director of Publicity and Events for WISE and second-year U of C Civil Engineering student Allisha Sordi. "The inventions are cutting-edge and when students see them they’ll think about women in Engineering."

The anniversary ceremony featured past presidents and members of WISE along with University of Calgary President Terry White and deans of Science and Engineering. The poster campaign will begin in summer 2001 as WISE members travel across Alberta to promote the posters.

"I think that this is a tremendous project," said Dean of Science Dr. Michael Boorman. "These posters are stimulating to the imagination and they will be an ongoing project."

For more information visit WISE at http://www.ucalgary.ca/~womense/.