Auburn Saloon

By Patrick Boyle

Looking for a cool place to knock back a few martinis on a Friday night? Perhaps the Auburn Saloon is the answer to your problems.

“What makes the Auburn unique,” says Gabi Grabowski, waitress and bartender at the saloon, “Is that people think of it as an upper class bar, but it can still satisfy everyone’s needs. The Auburn is somewhere that you come to talk: it’s not like you can sit here and watch TV or eat peanuts. It’s an environment where you can get to know the people who you’re sitting with.”

In terms of martinis, the Auburn has a few interesting offerings. In addition to classics like the Cosmopolitan and the Crantini, bartenders can mix you a Sweet Tart, a Lemon Drop, or even a Creamsicle.

The signature drink of the Auburn Saloon, fittingly, is the Auburn Ale. Unfortunately, this dark, tasty beer seems to go unnoticed amidst the aforementioned cocktails.

As for the atmosphere, the music is mellow jazz played at a volume that doesn’t drown out conversation. The dim lighting and comfortable chairs also enhance the atmosphere and, as was mentioned before, create an environment that is truly conducive to conversation.

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