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We are the engineers

By Patrick Boyle

“The worst part was having to drink a milkshake made from cream, oyster juice, anchovies, and pickled pigs’ feet… but it was worth it,” said Duncan Albion, President of the Engineering Students’ Society and winner of Engg-Vivor, one of many events that were part of Engg Week 2005, which ran from January 10-14. This perennial… Continue reading We are the engineers

50 trillion pounds of sumo

By Patrick Boyle

Sumo. The very word evokes a flurry of images in the mind of the average Westerner. Enormous men trying to push each other out of a ring; diaper-clad bodies colliding with a resounding “smack;” E. Honda’s mysterious “machine gun slap” from Street Fighter II. While these perceptions are not entirely inaccurate, the sport has many… Continue reading 50 trillion pounds of sumo

University of Tobacco

By Patrick Boyle

According to the dictionary of hackneyed cliches, necessity makes strange bedfellows and over the years, the Students’ Union has provided numerous examples. Recently the student body was treated to one such illustration when the Calgary Herald ran a story about a sponsorship deal allegedly cut between the SU and American tobacco manufacturer Rothmans Inc. Predictably,… Continue reading University of Tobacco

SU General Election report

By Patrick Boyle

The Students’ Union’s Chief Returning Officer delivered a post-mortem speech to members of the Students’ Legislative Council on Tue., Mar 18. In his discourse, aptly titled “Democracy is not a Spectator Sport”, CRO Shuv Majumdar reflected on the election and offered both words of advice and words of warning to the campus politicians, especially those… Continue reading SU General Election report

Military conference a success

By Patrick Boyle

It’s not very often that undergraduates get to “sit at the adult table” to present their work alongside their professors. Typically, academic conferences are strictly reserved either for undergraduates, or for those with letters after their names. The War and Security Conference, held annually by the student-run University of Calgary Society for Strategic and Military… Continue reading Military conference a success

Model UN’s growing pains

By Dale Miller

Another Model UN conference, another U of C win. Seems logical, but this time we lost. Traveling to Montreal last weekend, the University of Calgary Model UN lost the conference, but not their good reputation. “There are two categories in the Model UN conference: big delegations, and small delegations,” said Patrick Boyle, Model UN President… Continue reading Model UN’s growing pains

1,682 A+ grades awarded

By Patrick Boyle

Students witnessed something magical in fall 2002–the rebirth of a grade. With the recent standardization of the Alberta post-secondary grading system, last term was the first since 1975 in which U of C students were able to earn A+ grades. According to the Registrar’s Office, this highest of distinctions accounted for 1,682 out of approximately… Continue reading 1,682 A+ grades awarded

Let there be light

By Patrick Boyle

Imagine it is the last night before the final exam in the course you have been ignoring since the beginning of the semester. Your last hope is to spend the night reviewing your notes, reading the textbook and going over previous exams. Imagine the feeling of stress that washes over you when you realize the… Continue reading Let there be light