Women’s Soccer

By Kris Kotarski

Wouldn’t it be cool if the University of Calgary had its very own soccer fans? People would care, soccer would be renamed football and beer would be plentiful for all who gulp. Taryn Swiatek, Leanne Pelosi and Sarah Dunlop would become household names and Head Coach Robin Slot’s job would hang in the balance each and every week.

"Is the Slot machine going to get canned?" would be a question on everyone’s lips come Monday morning after the Dinos only beat Lethbridge 2-1 instead of the usual 5-0.

That would be cool.

Unfortunately, cheering for soccer, breathing, eating and anything else that involves effort is sorely lacking in Calgary. It’s a shame, because the Dinos women’s soccer team is on the threshold of greatness. This is a team that went undefeated in the regular season last year. They had six shutouts in a row. If you don’t understand the sheer magnitude of this statistic, you should drop out of university right now.

Anyway, the same team that pulled off these amazing feats is back for another season–and get this–they will play their home games at Foothills Athletic Park. That’s right, the same Foothills Athletic Park that’s five minutes away from campus. Joy!

All the familiar faces will be back for the 2001 season as coach Slot’s troops try to put a disappointing first round playoff exit behind them (on bloody penalty kicks) and give the ol’ Canadian Interuniversity Sport championship another run.

The only player missing from last year’s squad is fullback Juliamai Giffen. However, Slot feels the addition of quality defender Zoe Addington, who played for the Dinos in the mid-to-late ’90s, will help offset the loss. Midfielders Jessica Horning, Julia Mathison and Mount Royal College transfer Jane Higgins are other noteworthy additions along with goalkeeper Charlotte Sullivan who will back up Canada West MVP Taryn Swiatek.

The Dinos have plenty of scoring up front, plenty of passing in the midfield and a defensive line that would make the Dutch national team proud. Or scared. Look for another great run from the ladies and don’t be surprised if a Canada West championship and a trip to the national finals is in the cards for this great bunch.

Through stellar coaching, wily recruiting and black magic, coach Slot maintains one of the most entertaining teams on campus. Free beer for all who come watch this weekend. (Note: The previous line is an ugly, ugly lie.)


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