Weekend update: Women’s Soccer

By Kris Kotarski

Much like the recent resurgence of the Shaft movie franchise, good things tend to reappear when you least expect them. With that said, here’s to the resurrection of the unbeatable Dinos women’s soccer team.

After a midseason slump where the Dinos had trouble finding the back of the net, the team flew out to the West Coast and earned two wins and a tie. And these games weren’t against chumps either. That’s two top 10 teams and the defending Canada West champions the Dinos had to play.

Wins against the University of British Columbia [1-0] and the University of Victoria [3-0] as well as a tie against Trinity Western [1-1] assured Calgary second spot in the conference. With that came a berth in the playoff tournament hosted by the unbeaten University of Alberta Pandas Nov. 3-4.

"All four teams can win it," said Dinos Head Coach Robin "Slot Machine" Slot. "But, Alberta has to be the favourites–we’ll make them have that pressure.

"If we score two goals in each game it’ll be enough to go through."

Calgary got important goals on the weekend from Katie Lee, Hema Chengkalath, Laura Stinson and a blistering free kick from Jane Higgins against Trinity.

The offence seems to be on track, the defence and goaltending are effective as usual, and the Dinos head into the playoffs full of well-earned confidence.

G-G-G-Goal Notes:

Dinos goalkeeper Taryn Swiatek is ranked third in the world in the AP Goalie Poll behind Francesco Toldo and Oliver Kahn. Dinos backup Charlotte Sullivan is eighth.

Dinos midfielder Matt Houston is not impressed with the fanfare he’s been receiving lately from the lady Dinos.

"I can’t play when Jessie Norrie is watching," said a flustered Houston. "I can feel her undressing me with her eyes."


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