Exercising brain cells…

By Greg Clarke

Throughout history, many people have associated serious thought with serious drinking. From the Roman poet Horace to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to Benjamin Franklin, many of the greatest thinkers in history were liquor connoisseurs. Perhaps Francois Rabelais, the French writer put it best when he said, "When I drink, I think; and when I think, I drink."

In accordance with this idea, Big Rock Brewery is sponsoring its fourth annual series of lectures in conjunction with the University of Calgary. The series, titled Beer for Thought, kicked off on Wed., Oct. 17 with a lecture by political science professor Dr. Barry Cooper. Entitled Terrorism and Globalization: Making Sense of September 11, 2001, proceeds from the lecture series will contribute to a $1,000 scholarship given annually to five outstanding U of C students.

"We started [the scholarship fund] as a way to give back to the University," said Big Rock Marketing Coordinator Jessica Barrie.

Barrie was pleased with the results of the first talk, held at the Big Rock Grill adjacent to the brewery.

"People were very impressed with both the talk and the food," she said. "We sold out, and actually had to turn people away at the door."

Tickets to the lectures are $30 each, or $100 for an entire semester’s series of four lectures. Included with the ticket is a buffet dinner and two pints of Big Rock beer.

"Big Rock feels strongly about supporting arts and education in Alberta," said Barrie. "It is a way to give back to the students who drink our product. We hold lots of events like this, bringing people to the brewery, and giving the proceeds to a good cause."

The series runs until April. On Nov. 7, a second lecture will be held titled Cannibalism on the West Coast: Fact or Fiction? Subsequent titles include Why the Middle Ages Matter and Hedonism and the Tradition of Feasting.

Next semester, the topics discussed will include Pornography, Society and the Law; The Anatomy of Ancient Melancholy; The Serious Pleasure of Leisure and Cracking the Code to Discover the Ancient Mayan Party God.

Any students interested in tickets can contact Big Rock Brewery at 720-3239.

Applications for the scholarship can be completed at the Student Awards and Financial Aid office, Room 124 of the MacKimmie Library Block.

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